Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Congress Busted Editing Wikipedia

This is just too rich. It would appear that Congresscritters are having their aides edit Wikipedia articles about them, skewing the truth in order to make their superior look good for re-election. Shenannigans! CNet News is carrying an article on it. As a contributing member of the Wikipedia community, I'm sickened by this kind of crap. Wikipedia is supposed to be a factual information resource. Not a campaign tool for Tools like members of Congress. (Link -- via Fark)


Russert Inserts Foot In Mouth: Poll Numbers Explained

Tim Russert has cited a recent poll, claiming that there is big-time support for Bush's illegal Domestic Spying program. What he fails to mention are the rest of the questions in the poll, which show a very different result. While 51% (a very slim majority, and with margin of error, not very sturdy) said they approve of it, 53% say that they feel he must get a warrant to conduct the wiretaps. Even more (56%) are at the very least quite concerned about how this could be used to violate the privacy of regular Americans. Way to be an accurate, un-biased news source there, Tim the Enchanter... (Link -- via The Daily Kos)


StarForce: Company Tires To Sue BoingBoing

Looks like BoingBoing is under fire for yestarday's article about copy-protection malware vendor StarForce. Well, if BoingBoing is going to stick their neck out, we're going to stand right beside them. In order to point out how asinine this lawsuit is, I have politely sent them a copy of the link to the Technorati Search for that particular BoingBoing article, proving that it isn't the only blog covering their mess, and if they're going to go after one of us, they're going to have to come after us all. (Link to previous BP post)

StarForce has been reported to create serious security issues, as well as degrade the performace of computer software and hardware. I'd say that qualifies as malware, or software that degrades and cripples the performance of a PC. In addition, the idea of Digital Rights Managment violates the Fair Use principle, which is still laid out in Copyright Law, despite the Entertainment Industry's best efforts to have it quashed. People have a right to make a back-up or archival copy of something they have legally purchased for themselves and their own private use. Software like StarForce prevents this. Also, if you uninstall StarForce, you can no longer play the game you shelled out $50 for in the first place. Sounds like malware ("mal" is short for malicious, or bad, for those of short vernacular) to me. Bring it on, StarForce. BP stands with BB firm on this one. (Link)

Update: BoingBoing has quite a bit more on this story. Apparently, CNet News was also sent a letter, and this one contained the phrase "How do you like that for a start?" Not really the way to start a letter about legal action. Any Judge worth his salt will look at that and say "You're too cocky. Case dismissed in favor of the defendant." (Link)

Here are the Technorati searches for the two BoingBoing articles. It looks like the fine folks (?) at StarForce will have some hefty legal bills if they decide to persue this action. (Original Article -- Follow-up)

Monday, January 30, 2006


Damnit: Alito To Be Confirmed, Filibuster Fails

Crap. Crap. Crap crap crap crap crap. Say goodbye to Roe v. Wade. My guess is that, not long after Alito is confirmed, the Right Wing Nutjobs will call for a re-examination of the controversial abortion decision. It's a sad day for America as a whole, because now the highest court in the land will most likely pander to Conservatives. Way to take a step back in time, America. (Link -- via Fark)


DRM: Starforce DRM Unplugs Old Holes

Bad news for gamers. There's a new kind of DRM software out there, infecting your PC and causing some serious security holes (which Microsoft actually patched), not to mention it could potentially render your CD drive inoperable. It's called Starforce, and it's much like the DRM software Sony tried to get away with using. The site linked here will tell you some of the games infected, as well as how to figure out if your machine has this sneaky little piece of malware installed on it. There's an ininstaller, but you won't be able to play your Starforce-enabled game anymore. They're spearheading a boycott as well as gathering more information as it becomes available. (Link -- via BoingBoing)


Turner To Try P2P Movie Distribution - In Germany

Good news for Germans, bad news for those of us here in the States, where the RIAA/MPAA are still trying to make P2P users into criminals they can sue at will. Warner Brothers will be trying out a pilot program that will allow viewers to buy movie and TV downlaods from a P2P network (called In2Movies). They'll offer flicks dubbed into German, as well as local TV shows and the like, all for about the cost of a DVD. Maybe the industry is finally getting its collective head out of its collective high-and-mighty ass after all. Now, start hoping for a similar system in the US that isn't DRM Restrictive to the point where you can't do anything with the media you've legally paid for... (Link -- via Slashdot)


Study: Political Thought Is Irrational

Gee. They had to study this? Of course political thought is irrational! That is, unless you're like us, and don't much care for either side of the aisle. 50 men, half Republican, half Democrat, were asked to sit in an MRI machine and read some statements about both John Kerry and George Dubya. Of course, they lambasted the opposing candidate, while letting their own off the hook more often than not. The article suggests that this bias can be overcome, but it requires quite a bit of introspective thought. (Link -- via Fark)


Too Cool For Words

Cool. A word that has withstood the ultimate test: Time. It entered as a way to describe climate, and has evolved into one of the most versatile words in the English language. While slang such as "Groovy," "Square" and "Rad" have been born, flickered, and died, "Cool" has remained in the lexicon of everyone from Jazz musicians to today's geek population. How cool is that? Way cool, dude! Read the super-cool article, and check out the uber-cool Fark thread while you're at it... (Link -- via Fark)


Strong Bad Gots The Style

All behold! A new Strong Bad Email! This week, SB takes us into the wonderful world of technology, which is apparently ruled by the allegedly-portable Lappy 486. Keep an eye out for the most awesome robot ever, The CheatBot! And make sure you search carefully for the Easter Eggs this time around, they're hiding at the very end of the email. Take it away, Strong Bad! (Link -- via Fark)


It's Peanut Butter Federline! Now Way-ee-at?

Bad: Kevin "Cletus McHatfield" Federline, AKA Mr. Britney Spears, releases "Popo Zao." Worse: The Danicng Banana shaking his pixelated, blown-up animated gif rind to "It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time. BoingBoing: Someone remixes the song and patches it into the video of Cletus jamming to his stupid creation. (Link -- via BoingBoing)

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Censored Media: 25 Stories You Sould Have Heard

I'll let this page speak for itself. Now, if you people can't see the BS that the Bush Administration is putting us through by this point, you're either blind, or a party-line retard. (Link -- via Fark)


20,000 Leagues In Miniature - Otcopus Attacks Sub

Take that, Captain Nemo! Salmon researchers in Canada were surprised when a male giant octopus suddenly attacked their mini-sub. In a bit of a panic, the sub's driver fired up the water jets and scared the critter off. The whole thing was caught on video, though it's unknown if it will be made available or not. (Link -- via Slashdot)

Update: BP reader 24 Democrat points us in the direction of the video, now available. It's a bit closer to just a curious octi checking out the strange visitor as opposed to an actual attack. (Link)


Surprise: Hamas, Fatah Trade Gunfire

Fatah is cranky because they lost. Hamas is just cranky. Are you really surprised that, so soon after Palestinian elections, the two sides have degenerated back to their old ways and started shooting up the joint? I'm not. (Link -- via Fark)


Holy Crap! Smart Senators! RIAA Flags "Bad" (Duh)

Well well well. Looks like a couple of powerful Senators have seen the light. Basically, it boils down to the fact that they both reaized it would hinder their own technology use if they approved the Broadcast Flag initiative sought by those Nazi bastards at the RIAA and MPAA. 82 year-old Senator and fuddy-duddy Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), who's daughter bought him an iPod for Christmas, suddenly realized that he wouldn't be able to record his favorite radio shows and play them back on the tiny music device under the Industry's asinine policy.
This is unhappy news for the RIAA. Once again, their representative was forced to burst into praises of MP3 players (a technology his organization attempted to sue out of existence in 1998).

And when Stevens asked whether with the audio flag in place he would be able to record from the radio and put the shows onto his iPod [no, he wouldn't]: that's when the RIAA's Mitch Bainwol really began to sweat.

Good on ya, Senators! Time to shut them down! (Link -- via BoingBoing)


Where In The World Are BP Readers?

One of the coolest things about scanning the blogosphere is the ideas I get for my own blog. From Wil, I got the basic design idea for my old website (Rancho Relaxo), as well as the desire to begin blogging in the first place. From Blog$hares, I've found many cool blogs to link to, including that of animator and BP friend Chris Savino. Thanks to Chris's blog (Adventures In Milk), I've found the latest nifty tool in the BP arsenal: ClusterMaps! You'll find our ClusterMap in The Arena section on the left over there.

What does a ClusterMap do? Glad you asked! It functions as a visitor tracker (I promise it's nothing like Bush's Domestic Spying), showing us where in the world BP readers are visiting from (without divulging any personally identifiable info), marking them with dots on the wee tiny map provided through their script. Neat! So much cooler than some boring counter, right? Right! Starting tomorrow, visitor stats will be showing up on our map! (Link -- Thanks Chris)

Friday, January 27, 2006


Stupid Trek: The Next Generation Of Moron Kids

Three teenage girls get drunk at their senior prom, get busted, and get sentenced to probation. Then, they graduate, go off to college: That's when the real idiocy begins. You see, these stupid chicks went and made a website featuring them drinking, beer cans stacked to the ceiling, and them firing off obscenities at the judge who sentenced them, going so far as to mention him by his name. Well, he found it while doing a search for himself, and he wasn't too happy, so he threw them in the pokey for 10-30 days. Two of them spent the holidays behind bars. Further proof that the next generation are a bunch of good-for-nothing, spoiled little brats who think the world owes them everything. News flash, ladies: It doesn't owe you squat. And when you're dumb enough to violate your probation by not only doing more underage drinking, but also ridiculing the judge who sentenced you, you're going to end up in the big house. Might be something for those of you 20 and under to think about... (Link -- via Fark)


Poll: Americans Still Wary Of Domestic Wiretaps

President Dumbass is at it again, still trying to defend his 100% illegal Domestic Wiretapping Initiative he enacted shortly after 9/11. Now calling it a "Terrorist Surveilance Program" (yeah, right, Georgie), he's still trying to convince the American people of it's supposed legality. Duh. We know damn well that it isn't. But, a recent poll shows that more Americans are starting to think that it's OK if it protects them from terrorists. No, it doesn't. There hasn't been one thing done that has protected us at all. We're no safer than we were on September 10th, 2001. People: You see that quote up there under the title banner? If you think that this program is OK, then you deserve neither Liberty nor Safety, and should get exactly what you deserve. (Link -- via Slashdot)


Japanese BeerBot Givaway: Huzzah!

Now this totally rocks! It's a robot that keeps and cools a six pack of your favorite alcoholic refreshment in its tummy. Then, when you want one, it'll not only bring it to you, but open and pour the sucker, as well. I can just hear all of the lazy, redneck wannabes (why you'd want to be a redneck is beyond me, but still) actually becoming distracted from the latest go-fast-turn-left NASCAR race long enough to check one of these puppies out. What sucks for them, though, is that Japanese beer brewer Asahi is only giving away 5000 of these BeerBots... (Link -- via BoingBoing)


Democracy To Despotism

The Internet Archive is home to many, many wonderful things. Not to mention some not-so-wonderful things. But at heart, it serves to inform people, which is something the current administration in Washington is trying to avoid. Here are two videos on the same search page: One is a post-World War II look at the subject of Despotism, the other is a modern remake of said film, complete with present day comparisons of how nations rise to power and, ultimately, fall. (Link -- via BoingBoing)

Thursday, January 26, 2006


A Pimp Called Slickback

I love Angel. Angel, by the way, is my girlfriend, and she's sweet as hell. How sweet? Well, she's prone to finding silly and nifty stuff on the Internet. Well, now she's going to become a BP contributor! We'll hook her up with the power to post soon, but for now, she wanted me to pass along this nifty little "Pimp Name Generator." So, what's Lost Prophyt's Pimp Name?

Your Pimp Name Is...

Big Playah Skillz

Heh. Big Playah Skillz. No wonder Angel fell for me! Thanks tons, girl! If you'd like to try this little applet out, check out the (Link). And for more silly blog stuff like this, check out BlogThings...


Cletus Releases A "Monument To Mediocrity"

Kevin Federline, AKA Mr. Britney Spears, AKA Cletus McHatfield, has released his weapon of mass destruction on an unsuspecting populous, and big surprise: It's crap. "Popo Zao" (Portuguese for "Hot Ass") showcases what we all already figured: K-Fed can't rap. With rumors that their marriage is already on a rocky road flying about and such, things don't bode well for Cletus McICan'tRap. (Link -- via Fark)


Kerry To Fillibuster Alito

Let's hope it works, because if Samuel Alito is confirmed, you can say goodbye to a few of the rights you enjoy today, like legal, 100% safe abortions and porn. Once again, a Supreme Court nominee danced around the serious questions with spin and vague answers. We can not have this. It makes the Supreme Court, the highest legal authority in the land, look like a collection of scardy bitches, and that's not good at all. Conservatives need to stay the hell out of our lives. Good luck, Senator Kerry... (Link -- via Fark)


Bushism 2006: The Pot Calling The Kettle

Now, explain this one to me, because I fail to see how Dubya can open his fat mouth and speak these words, given his track record. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Bush said:
"A political party, in order to be viable, is one that professes peace, in my judgement, in order that it will keep the peace."
Um, OK. So, the man who started an illegal war on flimsy intelligence and even more flimsy excuses, says he can't deal with a political party that's not devoted to peace? How does that work? The political party in question is Hamas, the militant sect of the Palestinian people, committed to the destruction of Israel, which currently occupies what is rightfully Palestinian land. Hell, maps drawn in the freakin' Bible even call it Palestine, not "The Promised Land" or even Israel. The Bible isn't a deed to that chunk of dirt, folks. Sorry, Mr. Robertson, but fiction doesn't constitute land ownership. If it did, then all manner of supernatural beings could lay claim to Derry, Maine.

Well, the Palestinian elections are nearly over, and it looks like Hamas has won itself a majority in the new Palestinian government. Uh oh. Hamas won't recognize Israel, Israel won't recognize Hamas, and the United States - thanks to its assumed ties as a "Christian" nation to the Jewish state they created after World War II - is caught in the middle of a crapfest it has no business being in. But hey. Since when has that stopped our idiotic Government before, right? The Beeb has the story, one we should all keep an eye on... (Link)

Update: Hamas won. Big surprise. (Link -- via Fark)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


OpEd: Bush The Incompetent

You know that when an opinion article begins with this paragraph, you're in for a good ride:
Incompetence is not one of the seven deadly sins, and it's hardly the worst attribute that can be ascribed to George W. Bush. But it is this president's defining attribute. Historians, looking back at the hash that his administration has made of his war in Iraq, his response to Hurricane Katrina and his Medicare drug plan, will have to grapple with how one president could so cosmically botch so many big things -- particularly when most of them were the president's own initiatives.
Oh yes. History will remember Bush The Incompetent. His theft of the 2000 election. His misguided use of the 9/11 tragedy as a power grab. His mishandling of the Iraq War. His piss-poor response to Hurricane Katrina. His cow-towing to the Right Wing to get elected in 2004, only to turn his back on them. His appointment of Alberto "Gonzo" Gonzales as Attorney General and the subsequent Witch Hunts his DoJ has enacted. And of course, his 100% illegal policy of spying on American Citizens. Read on, fellow dissenters... (Link)


IBC: The Ribbon, Call For Mirrors

Our good friends over at the Impeach Bush Coalition (IBC) have created the wonderful ribbon you now see adorning the top left corner of BP. You, too, can have this ribbon on your blog/website! But, while this is a very cool and unobtrusive little site addition, it most certainly takes bandwidth to provide such a nifty widget.

Blog Prophyts joins the IBC in calling for mirrors to host the ribbon and script! If you have some extra site space laying around, and don't much care for the current regime in Washington, we'd appreciate the help! The more mirrors exist, the more people can use the ribbon to get the word out! The Bush Administration needs to go, and go quickly, in the worst way. Let Big Brother know that we're not going to stand for these crimes against the American People! (Link)


Brothers Re-United

So, the Liberals lost the election here in Canada. We now have a Conservative government. What does that mean, exactly? Why, it means that we don't have to register our guns, worry about men marrying other men, or pesky international missiles buzzing over our igloos.

Stephen Harper, the new Prime Minister, is Bush's long lost brother, seperated at birth. Like his brother, Mr. Harper thrives on three things; War, Guns, and the Bible. Now that they each contibute an IQ of 25, we'll have the smartest leaders in North America. They can both get drunk off their asses and ram their cars into trees, and think of new countries to plunder. And lets not forget that, Bush likes to be a part of everyone's life - he must - because he likes tapping your phones, monitoring your credit cards, and knowing what steamy Harlequin all you horny housewives happen to be reading. It's just like having the President and Prime Minister as your two gay dads!

On a positive note, that means I can use my AK-47 to destroy the stem - cell research lab downtown, then cozy up on the couch to read more Psalms! And, as long as I tell them both that I played sucha mission in Grand Theft Auto, I'll get away scot-free!


OpEd: LP Takes FOX To Task, Rips On Britney

FOX sucks. Why? They canceled Firefly, Futurama and Family Guy, the latter two of which are making serious comebacks.

FOX viewers suck. Why? Because they're in love with a two-bit Star Search wannabe show called "American Asshat... er, Idol" and wouldn't know quality television if it pinned them to the ground, straddled their faces and screamed "Eat Me" like Niki Nova in a "B" Porno.

Britney Spears sucks. Why? Because she just does.

Witness as I lay the verbal smackdown on a Network, that Network's idiot viewers, and everyone's favorite Hillbilly Harlot, all in one scathing post made to the IMDb... (Link)


Gonzo Gets Put In His Place

You see that quote up there? Up under our title banner? We take that quote very seriously, and apparently, we're not alone.

US Attorney General and all-around idiot Alberto "Gonzo" Gonzales got exactly what he deserves, and so did the asinine policy he's trying to defend. While trying to defend the NSA Domestic Wiretap debaucle to a group of law students at Georgetown University, several students went balls-to-the-wall: They stood up and turned their backs to him. Then, moments later, more students arrived, carrying the banner seen below, containing a paraphrased version of the quote you see above:

Maybe there's hope for America's future yet. And that's not all. A quote from Prof. David Cole, who participated in the panel discussion following Gonzo's futile defense of an illegal program:
"When you're a law student, they tell you if say that if you can't argue the law, argue the facts. They also tell you if you can't argue the facts, argue the law. If you can't argue either, apparently, the solution is to go on a public relations offensive and make it a political issue... to say over and over again "it's lawful", and to think that the American people will somehow come to believe this if we say it often enough.

In light of this, I'm proud of the very civil civil disobedience that was shown here today."
Wake up, America, before I have to move in with The Corporal and Mrs. Kickyourass in Canada because I'm too embarrassed to call myself an American Citizen...

(Link -- via BoingBoing)

Monday, January 23, 2006


Xtra Large

You've probably heard it too much, but here we go again:
Here We Go...
Here We Go...
Here We Go... Steelers... Here We Go...
Mother of pearl, does it feel good to say that. It's been ten long, hard years since Super Bowl XXX, when the Dallas Cowboys and a shoddy officiating crew cost us our best shot at a modern dynasty.

Or so we thought.

Now, what do we have here? We have a bunch of kids. Kids. Kids who are stepping up and playing with the big dogs. And these kids have earned themselves a shot at Legend status. A second year quarterback who plays like he's been in the league for at least six; his previous year, he became the most successful rookie QB in NFL history. An undrafted backup out of North Carolina who has come out of nowhere to become a star back. A rookie tight end who's made some short passes into long yardage, not to mention he can throw a block or three.

And a Hall Of Fame-bound running back they call The Bus. Jerome Bettis is going to his home town of Detroit, representing his adopted home town of Pittsburgh in the biggest game of the year. He's been through hell to get here. Most counted the Steelers out mid-season, but they clawed back. He's led them to tough victories over the 1st, 2nd and 3rd seeded teams in the AFC. The Bus has just one more stop, and it's to pick up some hardware before it pulls into its final destination: Canton, OH.

Many of the greatest players to grace the halls of Canton have never even been to the Super Bowl, let alone won the sucker. Jerome Bettis is the 5th All-Time leading rusher in the NFL. He rounds out quite the Top 5, that's for sure. His entry into the Hall is all but certain. And the City of Pittsburgh - with its legendary team and all of its fans behind him to boot - wants to see him walk in holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

In two weeks, we'll witness the final chapter in a storybook career, and what will hopefully become the beginning of a second dynasty. Blog Prophyts is going Black and Gold.

Friday, January 20, 2006


Radio Free Burrito: Episode 4

Wil's back! The holiday crush is over, and so's the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, so our fearless leader is primed and ready to get back to blogging and podcasting! In this episode, Wil talks about an audition he had for Nickelodeon. It weighs in at a relatively hefty 47 minutes flat, his longest show yet. But hey, it's Wil, and it's all good. (Link)

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Google Stands Alone: AOL, MSN, Y! Say Yes To DoJ

While Google told the Department of Justice to suck its left boobie, it would appear that Yahoo, Microsoft's MSN and America OnLine have all said yes to the data searches, giving up the records of millions of users all under the false veil of proving the Child Online Protection Act constitutional. From BoingBoing:
It seems apparent that Google objected to the request not for privacy reasons, but on grounds that the request was too broad and burdensome. Privacy advocates I spoke to today, including attorney Sherwin Siy at EPIC, say while the DoJ's request would not identify individual users, the scope and nature of this request sets a troubling precedent. Today, they argue, only search strings and urls; tomorrow, perhaps, the IP addresses of all users who typed in "Osama Bin Laden."
From SearchEngineWatch:
Getting a list of all searches in one week definitely would let US federal government dig deep into the long tail of porn searches. But then again, the sheer amount of data would be overwhelming. Do you know every variation of a term someone might use, that you're going to dig out of the hundreds of millions of searches you'd get? Oh, and be sure you filter out all the automated queries coming in from rank checking tools, while you're add it. They won't skew the data at all, nope.
As you think about the consequences, consider this. They're not specifically asking for anything related to porn. They're asking for it all. Once they have it, what they do with it is their discretion. Sure, Gonzo's Porn Squad will try to prove their law to be viable. But, as stated above, there's nothing to stop them from looking for people who are searching for anything that could be subversive to their agenda. And we mean anything. (Link -- via BoingBoing)


Carroll Update: Bloggers Unite Through BoingBoing

Jill CarrollWith just hours to go before the deadline, and only six of the female prisoners to be (or been) released, BoingBoing is leading a central charge in the Blogosphere to save one of their own. The media gives her attention because she is a pretty female. They do it because she is a colleague, a friend, and a human being. The media pays less attention when it's not someone that can sell commercial slots. The Blogosphere fights for every last one of them on its own.

First is this link to one of Jill's co-workers. (Link)

And second, to the interesting story of Jill's translator, Alan Ghazi (Link)

BoingBoing coverage of this story. (Links -- This, Previous)


Stand At Attention, Maggots!

Kickyourass!It's official: Blog Prophyts has gone international. And we couldn't be happier with our most recent import: Corporal Kickyourass has joined The Prophyts! While his posts may be few and far between, his insight and his humor more than make up for it. He may be Canadian, but there's certainly no bacon. He's got beef, and isn't afraid to let you know. Treat him nice, or he will enact the wrath of his very name upon thine ass. Eh.


"bin Laden" Tape Says Attacks Coming, But...

How weird is this? A new tape released by al-Jazeera, reportedly recorded by Osama (Usama? Which is it, damnit?) bin Laden, contains info on new attacks on America, but also an offer for a truce. (BBC -- MSNBC -- Fark Thread)

Now, you see? They don't hate freedom. They don't necessarily hate the American People. What they hate is the Middle-east Policy of the United States Government. In reality, they're only pissed off at a few hundred people. The people who have meddled in the affairs of the Middle-east since the Industrial Revolution, and especially after World War II.

What they want is for us to go away and leave them alone. They also want us to stop dividing up the land that is rightfully theirs and giving it to a people they don't much care for, all based on a fictional account in a 2000 year old work of fiction. They just want to deal with their own business on their terms. They don't want our influence. They don't need it.

Look. These people have been killing each other for thousands of years. Constant infighting is all they know. That's not going to change anytime soon, no matter how many UN Resolutions you pass or how many nations you invade.

Fucking duh.


1984: RFID Production To Skyrocket

We're not promoting any conspiracy theories here. That's not our job. Our job is to keep you informed on things that could potentially be used against you by an ever-more-overbearing Government. Things that seem harmless at the time, but could bite you in the ass if you get too ignorant of it. Such is the case of Radio Frequency Idsentification, or RFID. And according to this article, it looks like they're going to be seriously upping production of these little bastards, ultimately reaching 2500% of what it is now by the year 2010. Wow. Maybe Orwell and Clarke should have exchanged titles, eh? (Link -- via Slashdot)


Google To DoJ: Suck It

The Department of Justice: An institution that has grown way too big for its britches, and is getting way too involved in the lives of average, law-abiding Americans, is finally starting to show the first signs that it needs to be completely revamped from the bottom all the way to Alberto "Gonzo" Gonzalez. It appears that they'd like to make Google give up its search records from a week-long stretch in order to prove its case with one of its programs. Meanwhile, counsel for Google says no for what is obviously the right and just reason: It would totally violate the privacy of the search giant's users. (Link -- via BoingBoing)


Somebody In Tennesee Loves Me

There's a reason why we plug the living bejeebus out of Wil Wheaton here on BP. No, we're not kissing his ass. He's a seriously good writer, and his celebrity status provides for some extra goodness with regards to his stories. And with the recent Internet farce known as Chuck Norris Facts., it only seems right to call attention to this WWdN:IX post. Well here's a fact for all of you about Chuck Norris that I'm sure you'll all find hillarious, if not almost unconceivable. Stop me if you've heard this one... (Link)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Iraq Hostage Crisis (Again)

Yep, another one. And this time, it's a pretty girl. Go figure. Pretty girl, media circus. Any other hostages, barely any media time. Anywho, the nut-job insurgents (they're not terrorists, they're insurgents, get it right) are demanding the release of all female Iraqi prisoners (though I don't know why, they treat women like dirt there, and the prison is probably treating them better) or Jill Carroll will be killed in 72 hours. And you Right Wing Nuts supported this war. Boy, don't you feel |-| that big... (Link -- via Fark)

Update: BoingBoing has a link to some more info, including a translated commentary by The Jordan Times, who initially hired Ms. Carroll and brought her to the Middle East. (Link -- via BoingBoing)


Piracy Stash Found In WV Capitol

I'm sure the RIAA/MPAA are all over this one. Lawmakers, as part of an internal investigation into spending of state funds, stumbled on to a room in the basement area of the Capitol Building which housed quite the collection of piracy equipment, including: Cameras, PCs, Scanning Equipment, Crack Software, and a hard drive with over 40 full-length movies on it. On another drive, they found about 3,500 MP3s. Uh oh. Someone decided to take a break from boinking their brother/sister to learn about technology... (Link -- via Fark)


Upgrade Complete

I'm sure some of you were wondering what happened to BP yesterday, since we didn't post anything. Well, everyone who knows me knows that I'm a stingy, Microsoft-hating little bastard, and up until now, I've refused to install Windows XP on my machine. Well, yesterday, I got so fed up with 98's horrible handling of XML that I broke down and installed XP Pro. And let me say this: At least it's working better. BP will continue on normally now, sorry for the lapse in posting. -- LP

Monday, January 16, 2006


Lost In Translation

Oops. A media boondoggle has left CNN with a bit of egg on its collective face. Apparently, a translator working for CNN misquoted the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, as saying that Iran had the right to build nuclear weapons, when he actually said they had the right to nuclear power. He also added that a nation that has civilization (if you can call an Islamic theocracy "civilized") doesn't need nukes, and Iran doesn't need them, either. Iran had imposed a ban on CNN journalists, but the President is asking the governing Islamic council (again, a bad idea) to lift it and allow CNN to operate as they had before. It's a crazy, mixed up world we live in, isn't it... (Link -- via Fark)


Copyright Canada: The Saga Continues

The war on consumer rights continues north of the border, as end-user rights hero Michael Geist has posted yet another insightful article, this time detailing the campaign contribution patterns exhibited by the Evil Empire that is the recording industry. I won't quote him here, I'll let his article speak for itself. (Link -- via BoingBoing)


Kentucky Teachers To ID: Suck It

Halliluiah! And yes, there is a certain irony when I say that. Despite Kentucky Governer and Intelligent Design flunky Ernie Fletcher (not surprisingly, also an ordained Baptist minister) and his crusade to make people think that ID is "self-evident truth," he isn't getting his way, and he has the Science Teachers in Kentucky Public Schools to thank for it. They're simply not giving much time at all to ID, which is nothing more than Biblical Creationism with another name. Instead, they're teaching what is way more sensible, the theory of evolution. While their Governer may not get it, the Teachers do, and that is a comforting thought. Score one for the side of Science! (Link -- via Fark)


Doctrow Editorial: Canadian RIAA Cronie

Cory Doctrow has an excellent editorial in the Toronto Star about Sam Bulte, the Canadian MP who's taking bribes from the recording industry and, in return, trying to forcefeed Canada the same, if not incredibly similar, draconian copyright laws we have here in the States. As we all know, the industry wants to control what we can and can't do with stuff that we've legally paid for, thus taking away our rights as consumers and allowing them to continue to take advantage of the artists. (Link -- via BoingBoing)


Adventures In Milk

Wow! Can't believe I stumbled on this blog. Most of you might not be familiar with Chris Savino. To the oblivious, Savino is quite the cartoonist. He's served in several positions for various Cartoon Network shows, most notably (to me, anyway) Dexter's Laboratory. The episodes he directed are my favorites as far as visual style. Check it out! He's got all new projects, and even dishes out previews of his upcoming work! Rock on! (Link)

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Stardust Comes Home

The Stardust Probe, sent to capture dust and other such cosmic goodness from a comet in order to better understand the Solar System's origins, has returned home. It made a soft, parachute-assisted at the Dugway Proving Ground in Utah. Now, we get to wait around while scientists scour the stuff they picked up for precious knowledge. I'm sure Pat Robertson and his legion of Bible thumpers are ready to refute whatever evidence they find as Heresy or some such nonsense. When will they learn that they're the world's leading purveyors of nonsense? Sorry, Jesus, but Science rules... (Link -- via Slashdot)


Yep, They Did

Following up on our earlier post about Marshall Mathers (AKA Eminem) and his ex wife, Kim, the Beeb reports that they did, in fact, remarry recently in Rochester Hills, MI. Joy, right? Well, maybe now thousands of star-struck teeny boppers will find someone else to oogle over. Like, maybe, Gene Simmons... (Link -- via Fark)


You Gonna Die!

Ever wonder how you're going to die? Scary thought, isn't it. Well, someone else wondered enough to set up this webside, which asks your name, age, and gender, then promptly tells you how you're going to die. Kinda like that novelty death clock thing. Use the two together, and you can get an amusing look at what a program thinks about your mortality. (Link -- via Fark)


Here We Go

Nuff said.

Update: Apparently, John Kovalic of Dork Tower and Munchkin fame, is a huge Steeler fan! Rock on, Muskrat John! (Link)

Friday, January 13, 2006


The Plot Thickens

The case for the Impeachment of the Bush/Cheney Administration is growing, and at a level and pace they can't hope to stop. The reasons for impeaching these assclows are numerous: Deception of the American People with regards to Iraq; Driving the National Debt up even further; Misappropriation of Taxpayer Dollars (IE no-bid contracts to Cheney's Halliburton); Walking all over the Constitution with the PATRIOT Act and Covert Spying on the American People; I'm sure you can find more on your own.

Bill Clinton? All he did was get an extramarrital hummer and lied about it. Millions of men do that every day. And they tried to impeach him. So tell me why we can't impeach Bush? The answer is: We Can. And for all the latest info, BP turns to our trusted allies at The IBC, who have three new articles linked up and ready for you to read. For more, check out the IBC posts here, here, and here.


China Claims America Discovery - Vikings Chuckle

Everyone knows (or should know) that Norseman Leif Erickson discovered North America around the year 1000. Elitist whitey history mongers would have you believe that a crook like Cristopho Columbo (aka Christopher Columbus) did it in 1492. Well, all he discovered were the Caribbean Islands, and North America by extension later. Now those wacky Chinese claim to have a map, dated 1763, that says it was a copy of a map drawn 1418, decades before Columbus even left Europe, that clearly shows North and South America. Yeah, OK. We're supposed to take the klepto-cartographer at his handwritten word? Sorry, kids. But this ranks up there with Intelligent Design in the Bullshit Theories category. (Link -- via Fark)


Stardust Coming Home

Continuing with our unofficial "Space Week" theme, NASA is reporting that the Stardust mission, sent on a 2+ billion mile round trip to collect dust and other such junk from the tail of a comet, will make its final approach maneuvers later on this evening. It's scheduled to touch down in Utah in about two days. Cool! Whatever they find in there, I hope it proves that the Fundies who like to think the Earth is only 6,500 years old are nothing more than zealot morons... (Link -- via BoingBoing)


Eminem To Remarry Kim?

Looks like Marshall and Kim Mathers have decided to reconcile. After he spent an entire song fantasizing about waxing his ex wife, they've pulled a complete 180 and decided to get back together. Great. Now they can try to make it work, fail, and Em will have enough fodder for a double album. Sometimes, logic escapes the famous... (Link -- via Fark)


Iran To UN: Suck It

Prepare for the invasion of Iran. Those Islamic screwballs are butting heads with the UN, cranky because we don't want Jihadist nut-jobs in possession of nuclear anything, let alone power. They're threatening to cut off UN inspectors if they don't get their way. It's hard to take a threat directed at the UN seriously when it's coming from a guy who's name is (no lie) Moocher Mistake. Cranky little children anyhow... (Link -- via Fark)



Happy Trogday, everybody! Three years ago, Strong Bad came up with the notion for a giant, burninating dragon with a beefy muscle arm, sent to torment the people and, well, BURNINATE! From that simple pencil sketch came one of the greatest memes of the 21st Century (so far, though I doubt that Trogdor will be de-throned, lest he burninate his would-be successor). Homestar Runner offers up a musical retrospective looking back at three years of Trogdor, The Burninator! And the Trogdor comes in the niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! (Link -- via Fark)


Too Little, Too Late

Everybody, all together now: "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww." Isn't that cute? Pat Robertson says he's sorry for being such a flaming asshat. He opened his pompus Christian mouth and stuck in his stanky Christian foot way in there, and now he's getting the Public Retribution Boot implanted firmly in his little Christian ass. I'm not a big fan of Middle East policy, especially when it comes to Israel. But Prime Minister Sharon is a Human Being, a world leader, and is not deserving of the remarks Robertson made, especially given his current condition (which is supposedly slowly improving, by the way). "Sorry" isn't enough, jackass. Next time, try thinking - instead of praying - before you shoot off your mouth. (Link -- via Fark)

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Israel Cuts Ties With Whacko Pat

In what is surely a good sign that Israel has at least half a brain, they've suspended contact with Evangelist, Christian Coalition Leader and General Nutjob, Pat Robertson, following his comments that Prime Minister Arial Sharon's stroke was "divine punishment" for their withdrawal from the Palestinian-controlled Gaza Strip. To take a page from Robertson's own playbook, "Halliluiah!" Now, if more people would follow Israel's lead and cut themselves off from the King of the Jesus Freaks, then maybe this world will be a better place to live in. (Link -- via Fark)


mc chris Releases New Song Via LJ

Nerdcore fans rejoice! mc chris has released a rough cut of his new song, which he dubs the "MySpace Song," though it could theoretically be called "mc chris For The Win" (since that's how the chorus goes). It's mc rapping over a sample of "Rock And Roll Part II" by embattled rocker Gary Glitter. If you've never heard mc, then you're missing out. I will warn you, though: Its an acquired taste, that's for sure. Nerdcore Hip-Hop rules! (Link)


New Dr. Who Coming To America

There's not much to say about British Sci-Fi series "Dr. Who" that hasn't already been said. The long-running Sci-Fi serial, known for its genre-busting innovations and engaging stories throughout its storied history, is coming to America this spring! Rock! The SciFi Channel has acquired the rights to air season one, with an option for season two when it is completed in the UK. How cool is this? Now we can watch a channel other than PBS (or BBCAmerica, which is a digital-only channel, to my knowledge) to get our fill of fine British programming! (Link -- via Slashdot)


"Turkey Baster Bob" Wants Artificial Insemination Illegal

In what is surely an attack against lesbians and unwed women who desire to become mothers, Deligate Robert "Turkey Baster Bob" Marshall (R-Manassas; Doesn't that sound like My Nice Ass?) has introduced legislation to make artificial insemination illegal. The general language in the bill, which states it affects only "unmarried women," can be read to include: Lesbians, Single Women, Teenagers (above 11.5 years, the biological age women are able to have children), widows, and divorcees. Why don't you just add that they "must be married, submit to their husbands every whim, and be in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant" while you're at it, Bobby? The "War on Women" continues alongside the push by Right-wing Nutcases to overturn Roe v. Wade. (Link -- via Fark)


A New Look At Orion

More space-related goodness for ya: Scientests have taken a fresh look at the Orion Nebula through the Very Large Telescope (VLT), located in Chilie. Turns out that what they originally though were planets are more akin to Brown Dwarf Objects, or what amounts to failed stars that never got going. Still no word on Orion Slave Girls, although William Shatner is hopeful... (Link -- via Fark)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Sit On It

The Bush Administration has been doing it metaphorically ever since the days following 9/11, and now, those of us living in the regular world can literally do it: Wipe your ass with the American Flag. Some industrious Canadian folks have come up with this novel roll of toilet paper, printed with an American flag on each sheet. I've gotta get me some of this! The crew peddling this poo poo paper are asking C$10 per roll, and drop the price for bulk orders to as low as $6 a roll. Rather expensive if you ask me, but hey. If the US Government can spend $10,000 on a toilet seat and $220B on a bogus war, then I'd rather see my money used on something that at least makes me chuckle instead of cringe with disgust. (Link -- via Fark)


The DaVinci Posts #1 - Walkin' Down The Street

The gloves are off. The bell will soon ring. And then? Then, the punches, kicks, elbows, knees and shots to the crotch will ensue with reckless abandon. The DaVinci Code is coming, and it's coming to a theater near you. The controversial book by author Dan Brown, in which folks attempt to unravel a millenia-old cover-up conspiracy involving the Cloth and works by Maestro Leonardo DaVinci.

You all know me. Any chance I get to jump in on some Church-beating, and I'm all over it like flies on rancid beef.

Hopefully, The DaVinci Posts will cover the vain attempts by Religious organizations to block, hinder, ban, or otherwise disrupt screenings of the Ron Howard/Tom Hanks film, with special interest in coverage of theaters local to us. These theaters are: The Rowland Theater, Philipsburg, PA (disclaimer: I was twice employed there: once as a volunteer when I was in high school, and between 2003 and 2005 as a paid projectionist); The Ritz Twin, Clearfield, PA (one of the rattiest theaters in the nation); The Super 322 Drive-in, Woodland, PA (a den of drunken fights and bouncing vehicles, not to mention one of the few operational drive-ins remaining in the country); The Cinema IV MiniPlex, DuBois, PA; and all theaters in the greater State College and Altoona areas.

Let the salvos fly! This should be an interesting 'controversy' to keep an eye on...


So Beautiful, So Dangerous

Oooooo, pretty. This is an infrared shot of the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, taken by CalTech's Spitzer Space Telescope. The beauty (or is it ironic) part of this is that this cloud of cosmic confetti conceals a (literally) dark and desructive secret - a supermassive black hole. At least that's what Scientists think. Doesn't that suck? Ha ha. Anyway, for this and other images, check out the official Spitzer site. (Link -- via BoingBoing -- EduLinks by Wikipedia)


MoS: Star Wars Battlefront II Quickie

Since I've spent a little time lately declaring the nicities of being a B$ player and posting about the links it has generated, I might as well make it a somewhat regular thing. This time around, our link comes from a site that I had discovered was linked to me without any interaction through B$ or anywhere else. Cool! He got bonus points right away for being an LotR geek, and now his geek cred continues to gain points as he offers up a short review of Star Wars: Battlefront II. While we tend to focus on old school games here at BP, it never hurts to review the new stuff, right? (Link)


Alito Hearings Get Underway

The latest Bush Administration lap-dog-who-shouldn't-be-sitting-on-the-Supreme-Court Confirmation Hearings have begun. As with previous Bush nominees, he has dodged the question of Roe v. Wade by saying he'll approach the case "with an open mind," trying to avoid the subject until it comes time to get to the heart of the matter. There were, however, some hints as to his sway, for example:
Mr Alito, 55, a government lawyer under the Reagan administration in the 1980s, said his writings then opposing abortion reflected an attorney representing a client's interest.

He had once written that he did not believe the constitution protected the right of women to abortion.
Keep a close eye on this one, laides. Your rights are at stake here. (Link)



B$ has become an invaluable resource for BP, especially with the recent discovery of The IBC. Aside from the fact that I get to post something new besides "via Fark/BoingBoing/Slashdot," the content they have linked is of great interest to ourselves and our readership. Or at least it should be. Check this out:
"The president's lawyers stated, in a Dec. 22 letter to the Congress, that Bush ignored the 1978 law because he deemed it too slow. They wrote: "FISA could not have provided the speed and agility required." But how does that square with the fact that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act gives the president a 15-day grace period to initiate surveillance - and that FISA has rarely been an impediment? Between 1979 and 2002, the foreign intelligence surveillance court approved 15,264 warrants. It rejected four."
Something tells me I'm going to like these guys... (Link -- via The IBC)


V For Vindication

We tend to use the word Asinine a lot around here for two reasons: Fark uses it quite a bit, and a whole mess of asinine stuff happens in the world today, especially in the area of Government. Take the case of one Sean Toehill, who was fined for, of all things, shooting the "V" sign (demonstrated at right) at a speed camera. Nevermind the fact that he was doing 22 in a 40. They fined him £90 for making an 'inappropriate' gesture at an inanimate object and suspended him for one year! Say what? And how long before they start using this technology in the United States this way? Papers, please? Hello! (Link -- via Fark)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Join The Coalition

You want to see a "Coalition of the Willing?" Here you go, Bushy-boy. Say hello to the Impeach Bush Coalition, or IBC. They've had enough, and they're out to let folks know what the deal truely is. The pic to the right is from their Guerilla Impeachment Day, where they went and posted messages like "Bush Lied" and "Impeach" in highly visible public spaces. Not a bad idea, really. They have pics from New York to California, and are quite the link powerhouse in their own right. Blog Prophyts would be is honored to join this Coalition, that's for ding-dang sure... (Link)


Albert Hoffmann, Father Of LSD, Turns 100 Tomorrow

The man who opened the minds of an entire generation is celebrating his 100th birthday tomorrow! Rock! Amazing how it is that this man basically invented LSD - a drug that, while admittedly dangerous, brought on new ways of thinking and exploring the human condition - lived to be one century old. How about them apples? Kudos to you, Albert Hoffmann! Happy 100th Birthday! And to the fine folks at Fark: Um, yer kinda a day early, kids. (Link -- via Fark)


The Co$t Of War: Trillion$

A Columbia Univer$ity re$earcher ha$ done $ome homework and come up with a reali$tic projection of the eventual co$t of the Iraq War, and it i$n't pretty. There are quite a few factor$ that go into the co$t of a full-blown illegal war, more than mo$t people realize. But the greate$t co$t of all is right in front of our face$: the Human Co$t. One of the bigge$t factor$ i$ the medical care of the U$ War Wounded, a$ well a$ the payout$ of in$urance and benefit$ to the $urviving family of $oldier$ who didn't come home. And gue$$ what: Our generation get$ to foot the bill. I$n't that lovely? Hmmm? Lots of comment$ in the Fark thread already, I highly $uggest joining in. (Link -- via Fark)


Another Wild Story: Mouse Fire Is Urban Legend

Well, at least now we've been able to witness the beginnings of an Urban Legend that, I'm sure, will pop up again in a few years once we've all forgotten about this. Yep, we picked up that story, and yep, we got duped, too. Turns out the guy, who's house caught fire thanks most likely to wind-blown burning ash, trapped and killed the mouse first, then threw it into the fire. Oh well. Now he's just a dumbass for burning leaves in dry, windy conditions. Oh well. (Link -- via Fark)


Dude Takes Naked Pics Of Girlfriend...'s Mother?!?

Woah, dude. Talk about creepy. While I've heard of worse, taking what are apparently (I'm guessing based on the context of the article) unauthorized pictures (read: voyeur cam) of his girlfriend's mom. Um, why her mom? Is she one of those MILFs? And if so, isn't it a bit wrong to be snapping nudie shots of your girlfriend's mom? If it was your buddy's mom, that'd be one thing. But damn, man, your woman's mother? (Link -- via Fark)


Shocker: Kentucky To Preach ID To Kids

Let the idiocy commence. Kentucky, widely known as a backwards, hillbilly freakshow tucked into the Bible Beater Belt, has pulled an astonishing move (as if), with their Governer preaching Intelligent Design as the way to go in the classroom. You know what I think? I say go ahead. And when your kids are falling behind the kids who are taught true Science and can't get work to save their lives (literally), then we'll see "How Great Thou Art," won't we. (Link -- via Fark)

Monday, January 09, 2006


US Casualty Count Tops 2200

2206. That's how many US Service Men and Women have died since these bogus wars began. Just to give you some perspective on the matter: I, Lost Prophyt, am 28 years old. Here are a few local folks in my area who gave their lives for the wrong cause:
Sgt. Brandon Adams, 22, Holidaysburg, PA
SSgt. Daniel L. Arnold, 27, Montrose, PA
Sgt. Andrew J. Baddick, 26, Jim Thorpe, PA
LCpl. Aric J. Barr, 22, Pittsburgh, PA
1Lt. David R. Bernstein, 24, Pheonixville, PA
Spc. Edward W. Barbazon, 20, Philladelphia, PA
Sgt. Andrew W. Brown, 23, Mount Pleasant, PA
Pfc. Oliver J. Brown, 19, Carbondale, PA
Pfc. Timmy R. Brown, 21, Conway, PA
Spc. Jeremy M. Campbell, 21, Middlebury, PA
SSgt. Edward W. Carmen, 27, McKeesport, PA
1Lt. Michael J. Cleary, 24, Dallas, PA
And I barely made it through the second page, only pulling PA soldiers younger than I am. These are kids. KIDS! Kids who I will outlive. That's wrong. If they had died defending the US and the World from an actual, credible threat, that'd be one thing. But these kids died for money and oil, under the total lie of "fighting terrorism." Not one more... (Link -- via Fark)


Strong Bad Email: Misfit-Steries

Ever wonder what the Homestar Runner gang looked like when they were teenagers? Well, so did Patrick, and Strong Bad comes hard with the awesome reply. See the H*R gang as teens, babies, and even single-celled organisms! That's one step beyond Robert Smeigel's "Fetal Scooby Doo" for sure. SB Emails 1, Not SB Emails 0, for those keeping score at home... (Link)


JoePa To NOW: Suck It

The National Organization of Women (NOW), also known as the Flannels and Berkenstocks Club, is cranky with PSU (Go Lions!) Head Coach Joe Paterno over some innocent comment he made about the suspension of an FSU linebacker for alleged sexual assault. Paterno: "A cute girl knocks on your door, what do you do? Thank God they don't knock on my door, because I'd refer them to another room." Now, Joanne Tosti-Vasey (obviously a femininist nut-job due to use of a hyphenated last name and allegience to NOW) wants JoePa to resign. See what happens when your brain is clouded by "activism" and you take comments out of context? She needs to go back to carpet munching... (Link -- via Fark)


Cause Of Blaze: Flaming Mouse?!?

Only in America, I guess. A guy in Fort Sumner, NM found a mouse in his house. Like any other ignorant human, he wanted to be rid of it. So the guy figures it'd be a good idea to toss the critter into a pile of burning leaves (who the hell burns leaves in NM when it's so damn dry?). To his horror, the mouse, still alive and flaming like Nathan Lane on Tonys night, ran back into his home, starting the blaze that would destory everything inside. Smart guy. Bet he voted for Bush... (Link -- Related Fark Thread)



While scouring B$ this morning, I stopped into the Tips section to check on some stock prospects. Lo and behold, I've found BLAMMO, the blog of Canadian Animation Artist Jason Groh. Wow! Good stuff! It really has a John Kricfalusi/early Genndy Tartakovsky feel, with some Hannah-Barbera hints for good measure. This guy should be doing a show like Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Creative stuff indeed. I'm sure we'll be seeing something of his on the Boob Tube soon. For now, though, check out his sketch blog, including this transformation series featuring a Dr. Jekyll-type character quaffing some mysterious libation and beginning the change to... Well, I really don't know what he's going to turn into, but I'm sure Jason will post about it soon enough. Good work, Jason! (Link)


Selective Abortions In India

For the record, I'm pro-choice. But this? This is asinine. Looks like folks in India, which can't make up its mind as to whether it wants to be a poor-ass country or a technology powerhouse (read: cheap outsourcing alternative for corporate screwballs who don't want to pay American Workers American Wages), are getting cranky about giving birth to girls. If a couple's first kid is a girl, then chances are they're going to have the next child aborted until they have a boy. If the second child is a girl, then the chances kip up again. This has created a ratio that's nearly unique in the entire world: India has more boys than girls (must suck for those lads), while most other nations have the opposite (good thing, IMHO). The Beeb has your story... (Link)

Update: It should be noted that Selective Abortions are illegal in India. Kinda makes you think the Right-Wing-Nuts should move there...


Going Postal: 2 Cent Increase Causes Problems

Go figure, right? With a 2 cent increase in postal rates going into effect, the post office in Manhattan was the scene of some minor chaos. Apparently, there weren't all that many 2 cent filler stamps to go around, and customers faced up to a 90 minute wait at the one window that was selling them. The Customer Service window was also not staffed, and the main Post Office in DC had no comment. People are thinking that the Postal Service just wants them to buy the new stamp and slap it over the one they had already purchased and stuck on their mail. Shady shady... (Link -- via Fark)


Little Dick Wheezes, Taxpayers Foot Bill

Oh no! Whatever shall we do! Dick Cheney had breathing problems, so what do they do? Why, rush him off to the hospital, of course! Because we all know how important it is to keep him alive while those kickback checks from Halliburton keep rolling in, and because he's a very important part of the illegal invasion of an oil-producing, backwards nation. I'm under the impression that Government medical bills (which are probably jacked-up in price) are paid with tax dollars. And even if I'm wrong and Cheney uses his own money, how much of it is kickback money that Halliburton wrongfully gained via no-bid reconstruction contracts? Those dollars are our taxes, after all... (Link -- via Fark)


Geek Car Zen: Fuzzy 2d20

Oh yeah, check these puppies out. Take that, 1950's society! For decades, fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror have been quite the novelty item. Now, there's finally fuzzy dice for the D&D Geeks in us all! How about some fuzzy 20-sided dice? Rock? Indeed. According to Alice over at Wonderland, they're "+10 Coolness, -5 Visibility, and +35 Geek Cred." Righteous! Now if only I can get a +5 Potion of Feul Efficiancy... (Link -- via BoingBoing)


Golden Week For Music Downloads

Looks like the last seven days of 2005 were a record-breaking week for services like iTunes. According to Neilson SoundScan, consumers went to town in the days between Christmas and New Years, armed with iPods and gift cards, downloading a record number of songs during the week. Now, if only the music industry would see that this is how people want music now, not on crippled CDs... (Link -- via Slashdot)


Sharon Watch: Day Four

Sharon Watch continues, not like many of you really much care. Doctors have begun to reduce the amount of the drugs used to keep him in a coma, and he's moved his hand and leg in response to stimulation of said body parts. Meanwhile, Pat Robertson is further along the road to being proven to be a complete idiot for his comments made the other day. Medical Science: 1, Religious Kooks: 0. (Link -- via Fark)

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Report: CRS Panel Finds Spy Program Lacking

Making the rounds today is the report released by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service that tags the Bush Administration's covert wiretapping program as conflicting with existing law and hinging on weak reasoning. Can you say Nixon? Sure, I knew you could! Nixon was the reason the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court was created, and yet here we are with Nixon, Part Deux: Curious George and the Ouija Board. Maybe now we can get on with impeaching these clowns... (Link)


Delay: Strike Three, You're Out

And somewhere, off in the distance, the Halliluiah Chorus is heard. Say goodbye to fundraising slimeball and generally viral congresscritter Tom Delay. The Republican Party is only beginning to suffer its losses, as they will most assuredly be abundant and far-reaching, hopefully ending up in the White House. And Democrats, don't think you'll be left out. Some of you have your skeletons, too. We need to weed these pests out of our government and get some fresh, moderate-thinking minds in those seats... (Link -- via Fark -- BBC)


Sharon Watch: Day Three

Well, God hasn't smote the mighty Prime Minister... Yet. Sorry, Pat, but you're looking more and more like an ass every minute the old goat stays alive. But the question remains: Can medical science correct what Pat Robertson calls "punishment from God?" Doctors are trying to assess that as we speak, planning the next phases of treatment for the stroke-afflicted Israeli leader. Will he survive the day? Will Pat Robertson put his foot in his mouth yet again? Does anyone really care what that kook says, anyway? (Link)

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Wheaton: Two-way Bust-out

Wil's in the Caribbean for a PokerStars Event, but unfortunately, he and teammate Greg Raymer have busted out, according to the Official PokerStars Blog. His AK was spanked by both pocket Aces and pocket Cowboys. What is it with him and Kings? He was once given the nickname "Hamlet" because his Kings kept getting killed. Oh well. At least he got a vacation in the Bahamas with his wife, which isn't a bad consolation prize at all.

But hark! Apparently, an audition Wil blogged about a while back has paid off, and he snagged a part in a movie called "Americanizing Shelley." His character is "Director Alan Smithee," which film buffs will recognize as the credit directors sometimes take to distance their good names from a project they're not too particularly proud of, or that the studio has cut so severely that he/she feels their original vision has been trashed. He'll be co-starring with a certain Beau Bridges, who currently helms Stargate: SG-1, a BP favorite. Congrats to Wil on his return to the big screen after a three year hiatus!


NYT: Marines Would Have Survived With Extra Armor

Uh oh! Uncle Sam failed to protect his favorite children. Again. The New York Times is reporting (in a rare yet refreshing registration-free link) that Marines who were killed by upper body wounds during the Iraq conflict so far would have survived had the Government given them extra body armor, available since the very beginning of the war. Why haven't they been sending it? Noone really knows, since you can't get a straight answer out of either the Pentagon or the Bush Administration. They claim that they're "sending the best protection as quickly as possible." So, almost three years later, why are reports coming out that they've had armor available, but hasn't been sent? Can we impeach these freaks yet? Please?!? (Link)


Sharon Watch: Day Two

Leave it to me to turn to the Beeb when updates are needed. Handy thing, that RSS feed that comes with Firefox. Anywho, I'm sure you're all glued to your mice, waiting with baited breath (or however that saying goes) for news on Israeli Prime Minister and stroke victim, Ariel Sharon. With seven hours of surgery under his belt (or is that under his cap?) and Pat Robertson claiming God is smiting him for divvying up Israel, I'd say this old goat has some fight left in him. As of now, the Beeb (and everyone else) are waiting for an update from those close to Sharon. Betting is now open on when he'll kick the bucket... (Link)

Friday, January 06, 2006


Old School: Dig Dug Review

Once upon a time, there was an Ames in Philipsburg. In the space between the front door and the main store (the foyer? Stores have foyers?), they usually kept the coin-op machines (prizes and sweets), a skill crane, and at least one arcade cabinet. One day, JC and I went with our moms to Ames, and my mom gave me a quarter to play the game that was there: Dig Dug. I remember letting JC have the second of my three alotted guys, and afterwards, he whined about me not giving him all three. Why, I don't know, it was my quarter. And this is a review of the NES port of yet another ultra-classic. (Link)


Sharon Watch: Still Alive

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is still alive according to Reuters and the BBC. Seven hours of surgery later, they've managed to stop the bleeding in his brain, leaving him in critical but stable condition. Don't you love it when they say that? Critical but stable? It's bad, but it's not getting any worse, at least. Heh. If you're reading this and he has died, it means I've gone out for the evening and haven't been able to post anything on the ordeal, just so you know. (Links -- Reuters -- BBC)


More On Coldplay CD, Sony DRM Suits

BoingBoing, ever the diligent DRM coverage hub, has more information regarding the new Coldplay CD, which comes crippled and unable to play in quite a number of devices. (Link -- Original Story) Also on the table is another update on the Sony DRM case, where participants are breaking off of class-action suits and instead taking Sony to small claims court directly. (Link -- via BoingBoing)


Radio Show Caller Dies On The Air

A regular caller to a popular British show died while on the phone with the hosts, according to the Weekend Austrailian. The dude, known only as Terry, went quiet on the line, prompting the host to make haste to the dude's house. A neighbor had already found him dead with the phone laying next to him. I hate to sound morbid, but I wonder if there's a recording of that show anywhere... (Link -- via Fark)


Pat Robertson Is A Heartless Moron

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is barely hanging on to life after surgery, and Pat Robertson, ever the "good Christian man," is claiming that God did this to Sharon as punishment for giving pieces of Israel to the Palestinians. While it's asinine to think that Israelis are the only people to have a legitimate claim on that land in the first place, the fact that he's saying this about a human being who is fighting for his life is just plain wrong. Trying to further your political agenda at the expense of a dying man is heartless, cruel, and pretty down-right un-Christian. I thought God was Love, not about taking out political leaders who make him cranky... (Link)

Update: Of course, there's more. While I found this news on the Americans United for Seperation of Church and State website, CNN is running the story that all the blogs are linking to. So, to throw my hat in the ring, here's my link. (Link)

Update Update: Rather than have you dig through Technorati, I'll post some of the more recent links to blogs talking about what a tard Robertson really is. (Coloring Outside The Lines -- Grown-Up Sarah -- BabbleFest -- Empyrian Blaze -- Oblogation)


OpEd: LP On Religion And Natural Selection

One of the cornerstone principles of Evolution is Natural Selection: the process by which a stronger variant takes control of available resources, leaving the weaker variant to die out. In the Human World, though, our evolution has become more mental as opposed to outright physical, and Natural Selection has begun to apply to modes of thought. Dive into History, Science and Heresy with me as I predict the next "victim" of Natural Selection: Fundamental Religion. (Link)


Classic Homestar: English Paper

Since it appears that the Brothers Chapps are taking a (well-deserved) holiday, we've been left wanting for new Homestar goodness these past few weeks. So, to satisfy the Homestar jones, I decided to head on over to the site and click the Random Toon button, see what I come up with, and post it here for you all to enjoy. This classic Strong Bad email sees our "hero" taking it upon himself to do some homework for a poor schlub he dubs "The Yellow Dart." Take it away Strong Bad... (Link)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


The South African Bus Trip From Hell

Man, I wish this guy drove my school bus when I was a kid. Apparently, a canoodling bus driver on a luxury trip from East London to Cape Town, both in South Africa. His girlfriend was reportedly all up ons, causing him to swerve, break speed limits, and freak passengers out to the point where they called family, friends, the bus company helpline, and police on their cell phones. The driver has been suspended. Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock were unavailable for comment at press time. (Link -- via Fark)


Rabbi Whines About Lack Of Faith, God Indifferent

Wah wah wah. People are flocking away from the Church in record numbers. Good thing. And this Rabbi has a list of reasons why, and what they need to do to "get back to God." Honestly, getting away from God is the answer, since Religion has done nothing but cause problems throughout history, especially today. Once God is relegated to "that silly fairly tale that people used to accept as fact" status, the Human Race can finally move forward, quit trying to force itself into extinction, and get on with our true purpose in life: Prolonging the species. Just like every other animal and plant on the planet. Thank you, Saint Darwin... (Link -- via Fark)


Letterman To O'Reilly: 60% Of What You Say Is Crap

Finally. Someone did what had to be done: Told Bill O'Reilly that he's full of it. And who is this hero, this victor among victors? Late Night TV's own David Letterman, of course! The Hammer of Truth has your transscript, as well as video of O'Reilly doing something that usually only his guests do: Squirm. If you've ever wanted to see the Fox News pundit on the ropes, then go check this out now! Oh, and Mr. O'Reilly, it's MI6, not M16... (Link -- via Fark)


Vote Cpl. Kickyourass Ignorant Asshole Of The Year!

Blog Prophyts' favorite big-mouthed Canadian has been nominated for the I Talk To Much "Ignorant Asshole Of The Year" Award for 2005! Congrats, Corporal! While we're not too sure that this could actually be considered an "honor" of any sort, CK is taking it in stride and asking his readers to vote for him. Well, we're gonna do the same, because frankly, we like what he has to say. So go vote for Corporal Kickyourass now! (Link -- via Curbed Enthusiasm)


China Has Microsoft Censor Blog

Microsoft has apparently given in to the Chinese Overlords and taken down an MSN-hosted blog by outspoken Chinese journalist Zhao Jing, AKA Michael Anti. This has elicited a response from free speach activists, censorship opponents and Microsoft employees alike. BoingBoing has all you need on this developing story. Meantime, Anti has started up a new blog at Blog-City, even though China has blocked all blogs originating from that host thanks to his first B-C blog... (Link)

Update: Oops, my bad. China didn't strongarm Microsoft into it. Microsoft did it on its own, just to kiss China's ass. Either way, its still censorship...


Asteroid Hits Moon, Bruce Willis Called Into Action

Scientists got a rare look at an explosion on the moon caused by a meteor colision recently. Since the moon doesn't have the atmosphere that the Earth does, the projectiles don't burn up and explode, instead impacting on the surface and creating the familiar craters we see from Earth. Since NASA has plans to send humans back to the moon in 2020, they'll be needing to study stuff like this to make sure we don't get macked on the noggin by a stray space rock... (Link -- via Slashdot)


One WV Miner Found Alive (Updated)

A great end to a harrowing tale: A mine explosion in West Virginia left a dozen miners trapped, and now they've been found alive and pulled out. Righteous. Reminds us of Pennsylvania's own mining heroism story from a few years ago. Glad to hear the miners are fine. Now get back to work, the Bush Administration needs more fossil feuls to exploit... (Link)

Update: More coverage all over the Internet. (BBC -- Fox News -- Fark Thread -- Houston Chronicle -- SignOn San Diego -- SF Gate -- SBS -- Daily Telegraph (Austrailia) -- Globe And Mail (Canada) -- New Straits Times (Malaysia))

Update Update: Uh oh. They were wrong. Turns out only one person survived, and he's in critical condition. Sorry folks. No happy ending here... (Link -- via Fark)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Google Cube - $200 Windows-Free Machines

While I do question the alliance with a corporate monster like Wal-Mart, the distribution factor makes this sound. Rumor has it that Google is ready to take a walk through the hardware jungle and introduce an affordable, Microsoft-free PC through the retail giant. The Price? Around $200, which makes it more than affordable. Finally, the sub-$300 PC wars can begin, and regular folk like us will be able to afford to build little armies of workhorse PCs for use all over the house... (Link)


Fun With Stacy

Blog$hares has been good to us here at BP, and we've even managed to make a new friend out of the deal. Her blog - Stacy, Interrupted - brings us this bit of face recognition fun! All you do is upload a decent picture of your face, and this little web app will show you which celebrities you most resemble. Fun, eh? Let's take a look at who I resemble...

Well well. There's some pretty good names right there. I guess people who halfway look like me are relatively cool in some way or another. Makes me feel cool by default, although said coolness is not officially sanctioned anywhere in the coolness realm.

Anywho, plug in your own pics and see who you and your friends resemble. Thanks, Stacy! (Link)


German Ice Rink Collapses, 11 Dead

Ouch. News out of Bavaria has it that an ice rink in Bad Reichenhall, near the Austrian border, has collapsed, killing 11 people, including six children. Sorry for all the commas, but that's alot to get out in one thought. Anywho, rescue efforts to find six people who are still missing are being threatened by the remaining structure's possible collapse. (Link)

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