Monday, November 28, 2005


Submit Photos To Blog Prophyts

Want to submit a photo to our PhotoBlog? Simple! Just e-mail your photos to this address, minus the spaces of course:

blogprophyts . photo @ buzznet . com

Make sure you inclue the following:
1. Subject - This becomes the title of the PhotoBlog post
2. Body - This becomes the caption text for the PhotoBlog post
3. Your name or nickname at the end of the body of the message for credit.
4. An URL address to your site (if you have one) (Optional)

Please be sure to delete any signature text at the bottom of your email message, unless it includes your personal site URL.

Please upload only one photo attachment per post.

Please upload photos in JPG or PNG format.

Photos that contain adult material, photos that are not taken by our users (IE professional photos you found on the net), and anything that we determine might violate copyrights held by whoever, will be deleted immediately. Please make sure the content you post to the BP PhotoBlog is viewable by everyone!

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