Wednesday, January 25, 2006


IBC: The Ribbon, Call For Mirrors

Our good friends over at the Impeach Bush Coalition (IBC) have created the wonderful ribbon you now see adorning the top left corner of BP. You, too, can have this ribbon on your blog/website! But, while this is a very cool and unobtrusive little site addition, it most certainly takes bandwidth to provide such a nifty widget.

Blog Prophyts joins the IBC in calling for mirrors to host the ribbon and script! If you have some extra site space laying around, and don't much care for the current regime in Washington, we'd appreciate the help! The more mirrors exist, the more people can use the ribbon to get the word out! The Bush Administration needs to go, and go quickly, in the worst way. Let Big Brother know that we're not going to stand for these crimes against the American People! (Link)

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