Saturday, February 18, 2006


Where Are You All?

You're all lurking, that's where you are. According to ClusterMaps, we've had quite a few visitors from quite a few diverse places: The UK, Spain, France, Germany, Greece, South Africa, India, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, The Philippines, Austrailia, Argentina, Canada, and all over the US.

But are you all really that quiet?

Well, we'd like to know! A new section of links will be started if we get enough responses. You all come here and listen to us spouting off at the mouth, now we want to know what's on your mind! Do you have a blog? Do you contribute to one? Just leave your URL in the comments of this post, and we'll go check it out.

BP was started with the intention of becoming a sort of community hub. Now that we know potential community members are here, it's just a matter of getting you all out from behind the couch. We encourage discussion here at BP, not just one-sided rhetoric. That's just to get you folks talking! So, drop us a comment! You know you want to tell me off, at least...

Hey there noticed that you started up a new blog site! Looks like your starting to loose hope or concerned with visitors. Let me make a couple of suggestions. Start a free account at blogexplosion. They have a simple little visitor tracking code that provides you with a lot of useful information about your visitors. Such as Ip Address, Screen Resolution, Country and so and, and so fourth. At blog explosion you can also surf other blogs to get credits that will get you traffic to your blog. You also have the option of paying like 9 bucks for a 1000 credits. That way is a lot more simple. However there are not always a lot of people whom like to comment on blogs. It takes some time and strategy to get out there. Also it all depends on peoples interest level in whatever your latest story might be. I tell you what send me an e-mail and I will give you a real tip on increasing comments and interest.
Ditto what casey lee cobb just said. He obviously knows a lot more about traffic than I do so I won't add to his comments but I do have some editorial suggestions:

What is your editorial focus? If it's just "left" the be prepared for a long hard struggle for participation since you've got lots of competition.

Ever try the Boing Boing route with DRM? Those guys despite being what the right would describe as "moonbats" have marshalled a citizen army on User Rights issues that transcends party lines. Why not pick a cause, champion it, keep it non partisan and keep plugging.

Or you can take the small dead animals route. This is a Canadian right wing blog that I participate in. I'm a secular humanist but I feel comfortable debating right wingers on that site. Kate, SDAs blogger, isn't a great journalist but knows her readers and she knows how to throw the right kind of chum in the water. She's just hit 2million page views, has been pretty influential in shaping memes on the Canadian right and has a lively comments section that I as a lefty feel comfortable participating in. I take all those guys on and I love it.
One way to increase comments and views of your site is to go around posting comments on other sites and be sure to leave your link.
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