Thursday, January 26, 2006


Bushism 2006: The Pot Calling The Kettle

Now, explain this one to me, because I fail to see how Dubya can open his fat mouth and speak these words, given his track record. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Bush said:
"A political party, in order to be viable, is one that professes peace, in my judgement, in order that it will keep the peace."
Um, OK. So, the man who started an illegal war on flimsy intelligence and even more flimsy excuses, says he can't deal with a political party that's not devoted to peace? How does that work? The political party in question is Hamas, the militant sect of the Palestinian people, committed to the destruction of Israel, which currently occupies what is rightfully Palestinian land. Hell, maps drawn in the freakin' Bible even call it Palestine, not "The Promised Land" or even Israel. The Bible isn't a deed to that chunk of dirt, folks. Sorry, Mr. Robertson, but fiction doesn't constitute land ownership. If it did, then all manner of supernatural beings could lay claim to Derry, Maine.

Well, the Palestinian elections are nearly over, and it looks like Hamas has won itself a majority in the new Palestinian government. Uh oh. Hamas won't recognize Israel, Israel won't recognize Hamas, and the United States - thanks to its assumed ties as a "Christian" nation to the Jewish state they created after World War II - is caught in the middle of a crapfest it has no business being in. But hey. Since when has that stopped our idiotic Government before, right? The Beeb has the story, one we should all keep an eye on... (Link)

Update: Hamas won. Big surprise. (Link -- via Fark)

The Arab-Israeli conflict is the biggest issue in the Middle East; we can’t just say we won’t talk. We knew this most likely would happen, were we just not ready once again for Middle Eastern politics, have we no plan again for what is happening? We should have been better prepared for this outcome. We wanted Democracy in the Middle East, we have it. Now what do you do when it is not to your liking?
Raymond B
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