Saturday, January 28, 2006


Where In The World Are BP Readers?

One of the coolest things about scanning the blogosphere is the ideas I get for my own blog. From Wil, I got the basic design idea for my old website (Rancho Relaxo), as well as the desire to begin blogging in the first place. From Blog$hares, I've found many cool blogs to link to, including that of animator and BP friend Chris Savino. Thanks to Chris's blog (Adventures In Milk), I've found the latest nifty tool in the BP arsenal: ClusterMaps! You'll find our ClusterMap in The Arena section on the left over there.

What does a ClusterMap do? Glad you asked! It functions as a visitor tracker (I promise it's nothing like Bush's Domestic Spying), showing us where in the world BP readers are visiting from (without divulging any personally identifiable info), marking them with dots on the wee tiny map provided through their script. Neat! So much cooler than some boring counter, right? Right! Starting tomorrow, visitor stats will be showing up on our map! (Link -- Thanks Chris)

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