Tuesday, January 31, 2006


StarForce: Company Tires To Sue BoingBoing

Looks like BoingBoing is under fire for yestarday's article about copy-protection malware vendor StarForce. Well, if BoingBoing is going to stick their neck out, we're going to stand right beside them. In order to point out how asinine this lawsuit is, I have politely sent them a copy of the link to the Technorati Search for that particular BoingBoing article, proving that it isn't the only blog covering their mess, and if they're going to go after one of us, they're going to have to come after us all. (Link to previous BP post)

StarForce has been reported to create serious security issues, as well as degrade the performace of computer software and hardware. I'd say that qualifies as malware, or software that degrades and cripples the performance of a PC. In addition, the idea of Digital Rights Managment violates the Fair Use principle, which is still laid out in Copyright Law, despite the Entertainment Industry's best efforts to have it quashed. People have a right to make a back-up or archival copy of something they have legally purchased for themselves and their own private use. Software like StarForce prevents this. Also, if you uninstall StarForce, you can no longer play the game you shelled out $50 for in the first place. Sounds like malware ("mal" is short for malicious, or bad, for those of short vernacular) to me. Bring it on, StarForce. BP stands with BB firm on this one. (Link)

Update: BoingBoing has quite a bit more on this story. Apparently, CNet News was also sent a letter, and this one contained the phrase "How do you like that for a start?" Not really the way to start a letter about legal action. Any Judge worth his salt will look at that and say "You're too cocky. Case dismissed in favor of the defendant." (Link)

Here are the Technorati searches for the two BoingBoing articles. It looks like the fine folks (?) at StarForce will have some hefty legal bills if they decide to persue this action. (Original Article -- Follow-up)

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