Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Woman To RIAA: Suck It

In the continuing war on its customers, the RIAA is demanding a woman turn over her hard drive so they can examine it and determine whether or not she was downloading their crap illegally. Here's the trick: The woman is telling the RIAA where to get off the bus, and has petitioned the court to allow a non-biased, third-party computer forensics firm to do just that, since she's adamant about having never downloaded a damn thing. Brilliant! (Link -- via Fark)

Look, let's face it. The RIAA pretty much amounts to a bunch of Nazis. Declaring war on its customers is most likely the single most asinine thing any company (or, in this case, group of companies) has ever done.

It's not our fault that they want to push crap like Jessica Simpson on us, or sell us CDs with maybe two good songs on them for a whopping $16 a pop. That's their own stupidity. And they still haven't gotten the notion that there are much better business models, especially here in the information age. Instead, they want to clamp down on people's fair use rights, building anti-copying measures into technological devices and suing the pants off of regular folks who are sick and tired of their crap.

Wake up and smell the coffee, Music Nazis: The old ways are dead, or dying. It's time to live in the now, and turning your customers into criminals is no way to move forward...

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