Sunday, September 17, 2006


Move Along, Nothing To See Here...

As anyone knows, the RIAA and MPAA, in their efforts to control how we get our media entertainment, have been trying to impliment a DRM tactic known as the infamous Broadcast Flag. With it, they control how you watch your movies, TV shows, and listen to music (with a seperate DRM tactic, really).

Well, they're trying to take the PR blitz to their customers, and are employing a "Hey, Look Over Here" strategy to try and sweet talk all of us. Take this letter to the Witchita Eagle from Dan Glickman, CEO of the MPAA (Link -- via Fark):
It is important to note that without the broadcast flag, program producers are likely to move their programming from local broadcast stations over to subscription channels -- where content protections are stronger -- jeopardizing the access of free, over-the-air television upon which many Kansans rely.
Now, how stupid do you really think we are? The "threat" of content providers running amok and charging for everything their way is somewhat plausable, but highly unlikely, given the consumer's free will. The networks would face sharp criticism from paying customers if they started getting out of hand with their pricing and DRM schemes, most likely all different and incompatable.

So, robbing Peter to pay Paul, the asshat tries to paint the RIAA/MPAA scheme as the savior, "protecting the consumer" and their recording devices from the evil forces of the individual providers:
The film industry continues to invest heavy resources to determine consumers' attitudes and demands surrounding the way they view their entertainment. It is our goal to ensure that we exceed these demands while protecting the creators behind this entertainment.
MmmmmKay. But the last part is the real kicker:
These efforts will inject economic stability into the digital marketplace and continue to further its growth as we move deeper into the age of hyper-technology.
Yep, "we'll make up for the losses we take by wasting billions on complete crap by charging you crazy prices and controlling your viewing options, and call it an 'economic booster shot.' All we're really doing is making our own paychecks fatter when we (as is most often the case) fuck up."

And that's not the half. When you think about it, what are the RIAA and MPAA? Originally, they were formed by the major industry players to determine standards in formats and guidlines to prevent a complete mess. The members of these groups represented (and still represent) people from each of the major players. In effect, it's a self-governing industry babysitter.

The problem is, we live in the Bush/Clinton/Bush era, marred by the rapid and near-total consolidation of corporate entites. What was once defined by the break-up of Ma Bell and AT&T is now defined by the totally opposite effect. People now think Monopoly is just a board game by Parker Brothers.

This consolidation has resulted in a select few executives making the decisions for the many smaller division companies, allowing that same few to control quite a chunk of it's particular industry. You now have about four major corporations controlling the vast majority of media we pine for.

And these four companies control the standards and governing board. If they want to restrict things and jack up the bottom line, they can, and they can do it their own, custom, in-house way. It wouldn't be many companies and many standards. No, it'd be a select few companies and one standard that only they control.

It's the same threat they're describing, only inverted. The "lesser of two evils" is just as evil as the greater.

Something to think about this Sunday morning, isn't it...


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