Sunday, September 17, 2006


The Four Tops

Fark had a bit of a trend over the last 36 hours, posting a bunch of Top Lists (mostly 10s). If it's chic to do it on Fark, we might as well filter them out of the queue for all of you. As always, the Fark users have inserted their own tops, so besure to check out the threads...

First up, the Top 10 "Most Beautiful Cars" (Link -- Thread)

Then comes it's worthy successor, the Top 9 "Ugliest Cars" (Link -- Thread)

Thirdly, there's the Top 10 "Highly Pretentious Musical Instruments" (Link -- Thread)

And finally, the Top 10 "Most Notorious Poisons" (Link -- Thread)

I'm reminded of the last words of Socrates, who said... "I drank WHAT?!?"

I think they should have a "Most Annoying Top Ten Lists" List.

Then, they should include themselves.

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