Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Tax Time In The Great White North

Every year at tax time, I get a great big Government of Canada knee, right in the package.

I used to love doing my taxes. Before I was married, finished college, got a posting, and had kids - tax time was great. I always had a $500 refund. Now, I'm lucky if I only owe $500. How the hell does that happen? I owe them $826.00 this year. I don't understand! (Maybe they know that, and they have me marked as an easy target...)

My father in law worked for Revenue Canada, and I'd always try and get him to give me little tips on how to get around different things. Or even to tell me what things would have a negative impact on my tax refund, you know, "technicalities". But, the old bastard wouldn't budge. Now that he's retired, he still won't let me in on their little tax secrets.

So, until I discover some way of turning my tax return in my favour, I guess I'll just put up with this year after year, after year.

I'll be singing that little tune for the rest of the goddamned year! Or, at least the whole time I'm walking down to the Revenue office with the fucking cheque. Rotten Bastards.

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